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Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Hairline.otf (103.6 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Hairline_Italic.otf (111.8 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Light.otf (104.1 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Light_Italic.otf (110.4 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Medium.otf (102.0 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Medium_Italic.otf (110.0 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Regular.otf (103.4 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Regular_Italic.otf (112.6 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Thin.otf (104.1 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Content/SinewsSansPro_Thin_Italic.otf (111.4 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans-pro_splashscreen-home.jpg (106.8 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_01_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.jpg (1.05 MB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_03_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.png (217.2 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_04_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.png (6.71 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_05_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.png (26.50 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_06_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.png (52.71 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_08_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.png (6.64 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_09_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.png (83.67 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_header_typedesign_retail-font_jakob-runge.jpg (166.6 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__01_1.jpg (80.26 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__02_1.jpg (60.87 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__03_1.jpg (90.88 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__04_1.jpg (88.76 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__05_1.jpg (79.26 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__06_1.jpg (74.70 kB)
Sinews Sans Pro/Images/sinews-sans_worksamples__07_1.jpg (82.84 kB)


This PRO version contains of many additional OTFeatures and ligatures, alternative numbers and capitals and other typographic features. Please compare the Sample PDFs available for download. A sinew is a strong, fibrous tissue connecting bones to muscle. Much like its anatomical influence, Sinew Sans—also available in an expanded professional version—provides that connection: the balance between static geometric construction and the characteristics of dynamic humanist typefaces. The font offers a lot of features and alternate glyphs for many typographical applications.



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