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Name ProVideoPlayer 2.0.9
Size 34.21 MB
Created on 2015-09-11 12:37:54
Hash 502d79bebcc5d719d299838d2ef8ce62dd996834
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Name: ProVideoPlayer
Version: 2.0.9
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: 10.7
Processor type(s) & speed: Intel 64-bit
RAM minimum: N/A
Video RAM: N/A
Extract the content of "" to /Applications/ProVideoPlayer
What's New in Version 2.0.9:
Way to notify current Scheduler status
Tile effect display issue when other effect is enabled
Play button doesn't update when changing from a paused video
Previous videos visible through Image Blur
Edge blur doesn't effect all edges?
Mouse goes away on single screen move when toggling the output on and off
New looks aren't added in logical order
Show mask path tool lines on output in real-time
Per-clip Playback Rate does not work
Volume control in Cue Inspector does affect preview
Undo Target resize doesn't work
Can't control Location parameter in ColorWave Effect via DMX
Output turns off after making changes to Custom Output Bounds
Linking or unlinking an Output turns off the output
Workspace view doesn't show the output design
Text Stream doesn't show on third Output
If still image is showing, undo in the editor does not update output
Media Cue Custom name does not save unless enter is pressed.
Re-order Target Sets
Reorder Looks menu
When scrubbing in paused mode, video begins playing on mouseup
Command clicking on menu bar to get path of show causes window to move
Call "Default" transition "Cut" in main transitions menu
Undo Move Screen doesn't work on Rotation
Odd text box in Preferences allowing numbers and letters
Color Adjustment doesn't work on still images
Startup options for output window
Text Stream that has been cleared, briefly displays again upon a clear all
Cut Transition Doesn't Work on Individual Files
Color Adjustment filter causes issues with still images
In Points on Media don't work on First Play Through
Layer preview counters don't update for custom in-point/out-point settings
Manual Mode: Audio doesn't play back from video files
Play Rate Slider in layers not working
Issues Exporting/Importing playlists
Command E shortcut on Slave tab pulls up Master's editor
Network doesn't update connection status
Push to Nodes does not send look cues
Change wording for fade in/out
Problem linking outputs with TH2G
transition ignored if video ends and is set to stop
Triggering key maps have slow reaction
Items are still live when Learning Key Mapping
Key Mapping doesn't trigger items on Slave
Incorrect triggering with Key Mapping
Mask feathering needs some work
Adjusting Play Rate stops clip
Clear All key mapping is reset after program restart
targets don't move with the output
no output with new show
Mask: only the first shape can be feathered, others disappear
Changing Play Rate does not work on layers
Cues not highlighted with Go To Next or Go to Cue updates
Image Blur does not work at all on still images
Image Blur is spelled wrong
Clear Cues in Macros no longer indicated on Macro thumbnail
Add "Turn output on upon startup" option
schedule doesn't go away when deleting
Yosemite: playlist name is covered by "highlight color" when dragging media into playlist
Crash when enabling DMX with ArtNet signal present
Key Mapping not saved for "Clear" cues
Shortcut Keys for Changing Looks interfere with OS X "Screenshot" Shortcuts
Play rate labels not centered
Masks are not cloned to slaves
Masks are not triggered on slaves
Cue thumbnail updates when it shouldn't
You have to click the play button twice in the cue inspector
If output settings change you have to press Command-1 twice to activate output
Hot Folders don't handle sequential files properly
Macros won't fire if there is an unassigned cue
Window doesn't scroll to keep active cue in view
Can't use arrow keys to advance between Layers or Targets in Editor
Moving a layer changes what's shown on the grid
Macros disregard layer order
Re-establish network/text stream connections
Gap in Layers when crossing between two or more output screens
Export Playlist issues
Show names of files in Macro list
Make Macro Editor Window larger?
Keep Macro editor open until I close it?
Make Media inspector more friendly to Macros?
Clear Cues cannot be added to macros
A macro should be able to be inspected without content?
1x button in play rate slider crashes PVP2
Text Stream outline is rendered differently
Mouse shows on secondary monitor in manual mode
Since its original release 8 years ago, PVP has been used by organizations around the world to create video walls, digital signage, dynamic staging and much more. This experience and customer feedback drove the development plan for the next generation of this powerful tool. The need for a robust, easy to use playback tool that excels in multi-screen environments is something we have heard from many customers.
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