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Name SixtyFour 1.6.0
Size 1.55 MB
Created on 2015-09-19 11:42:02
Hash 6a0ad222275d3193a057d7444469c54af3dea19a
Files SixtyFour 1.6.0/Paddle Generic KeyfileGen v2.2 (413.7 kB)
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Version: 1.6.0
Mac Platform: UB
Includes: KG
OS version: 10.5 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: G5 or Intel
RAM minimum:
Video RAM:
Use the included Paddle KG (By Team CORE)
Changelog not available
More Info:
SixtyFour a Memory Optimizer for Mac
Boost your old Mac's performance - Apps running in 32-bit mode take up far less memory.
If your Mac is older, or short on RAM, SixtyFour can help you reduce memory usage. SixtyFour facilitates the setting of a preference to force a 64-bit app to open in 32-bit mode. Opening a 64-bit app in 32-bit mode, reduces its memory usage by at least 10% and commonly as much as 50%. That means you can keep your Mac running longer, but running better.
New feature highlights
SixtyFour - SixtyFour presents a list of 64-bit apps that can open in 32-bit mode. Check those 64-bit apps you want to run in 32-bit mode, and you’re good to go.
Quick Look plug-in - SixtyFour includes a Quick Look plug-in which extends Quick Look’s standard functionality to display extra info: app architectures, app platform info and bundle version.
SixtyFour Agent - SixtyFour Agent is a standalone app within SixtyFour. SixtyFour Agent displays the bit mode of an application when launched. SixtyFour Agent does not require Growl to display a notification.
Performance Tools - ProcessTimer can be launched from the application menu, performance tools. It can help you determine whether or not to run an app in 32-bit mode.

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