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Name Leech 2.2.3
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Created on 2016-02-03 01:26:31
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Name: Leech
Version: 2.2.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: 10.7 or later
Link for more information: http://manytricks.com/leech/
What's New in Version 2.2.3
Updated the Sparkle in-app update mechanism to use a secure connection (HTTPS)
Every modern browser has its own download functionality, so why should you use a separate application for handling downloads in the first place? Because Leech works better than any built-in download manager.
Working with Browsers
The best download manager is the one that doesn't get in your way.
That's why Leech stays quiet in the background, and works when you want it to. If you're using Safari, you can send downloads to Leech via the Leech Contextual Menu extension.
For all other browsers—and other applications that may contain URLs—you can use drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste to have Leech manage those downloads (see "Convenience," below).
Download multiple files with ranges
Leech accepts URLs with special codes to denote ranges of files.
For instance, file_{1-3}.jpg will expand to file_1.jpg, file_2.jpg, and file_3.jpg. Use file_{a-c}.jpg for a similar range of alphabetic names.
Special codes enable downloading a range of similarly-named files
You can even combine multiple ranges in one URL, as in file_{1-3,a-d,g-h}.txt
As seen in that complex example, you can use commas to specify non-contiguous files. In this example, Leech would skip the letters 'e' and 'f.'

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