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Name TextExpander 5.1
Size 16.90 MB
Created on 2015-07-27 23:10:23
Hash 8e5b7eadafdc41d7de5251204298c69358fcb25b
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Name: TextExpander
Version: 5.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed
OS version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Block connections to:
Courtesy of The Shark
(original icon restored + re-codesigned)
TextExpander 5.1 - July 22, 2015
Suggested snippets exclude most single dictionary words
Adds new notification preference for snippet suggestions
Fixes secure input notifications for Chrome
Adds Korean support for Create Snippet from Selection… [1182]
Correctly rejects suggestions containing Tab or Return [1176]
Creates new group if all groups are deleted [1109]
Fixes issue with group level app exclusion [1175]
Improves French and German localizations [1190]
Opens links in fill-in windows in default web browser [1119]
Other minor fixes and improvements
Full Release Notes: http://smilesoftware.com/help/TextExpander/releasenotes.html
Save time and effort with TextExpander! Whether it's a simple email signature or several paragraphs of a standard response, you'll love how easy it is to use TextExpander to avoid typing the same thing over and over.
Insert standard greetings, text, and signatures, including formatted text and pictures
Save keystrokes by typing short abbreviations to get long snippets
Correct typos automatically (Add them to your snippet library and/or use one of the included AutoCorrect snippet groups for English, French or German)
Reposition the cursor in the expanded snippet, or use our new fill-in-the-blank snippets to enter variable data in multiple fields.
Position the cursor wherever you want in your expanded snippet
Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet
Use fill-ins for snippets with multiple options for variable content
Sync snippets via Dropbox; use snippets on multiple devices (with TextExpander touch)
Organize snippets into groups
Search snippets from menu bar or via keyboard shortcut
Get suggestions of matching abbreviations via keyboard shortcut
Add snippet groups from external files and online sources
HTML, CSS, AutoCorrect, Accented Words, Symbols snippet groups included
Internet Productivity snippet group (shorten long URLs automatically)
Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer
Date/time math (add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time)
Print snippets by group
For programmers, make editor-independent code templates; invoke AppleScripts and shell scripts
More info: http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html

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