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Name Deluts LUTs by James Miller
Size 44.08 MB
Created on 2015-03-25 13:05:32
Hash b71235bf35641ddf7dabd56618634f63eab8bd85


More information:
I present to you my ever growing sets of LUTS.
Every commercial job requires me to produce a 3DLUT to maintain the base look throughout the post process. Whether I'm producing the film myself or supplying rushes. Here is the first few sets that will grow over time.
Shot across cameras such as the A7s, C300, 1DC & Red Epic Dragon.
3D Luts in .cube and .3dl - For use in most applications that support 3dluts.
FCPX will need a LUT loader or LUT utility. Adobe Premiere will need lumetri that is built into current CC Premiere. In Photoshop CC you can load LUTs through adjustments / Colour Lookup panel. Resolve can also used the LUT's marked for FCPX.
16 Grid LUT’s are the quickest to work with. Of course 32 Grid will cover more colour data. I recommend the 16 Grids though for most jobs.
Remember to control the LUTs with simple RGB curves and opacity. Make sure the RGB curves are behind the LUT in the order of plugins or adjustment layers or a node behind the LUT in Resolve.
Please note although these luts are designed from LOG source material, you can successfully overgrazed existing footage using curves behind the LUT. Almost a reverse S-Curve does really help, but mostly exposure and balance.
More useful links:
Tutorial on How to use:
Introduction and instructions:


deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Cuckfield_16.3DL (59.09 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Lancaster_16.3DL (58.35 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Leeds_16.3DL (57.72 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Leicester_16.3DL (61.14 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Lichfield_16.3DL (56.71 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Lincoln_16.3DL (58.94 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Liverpool_16.3DL (59.11 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Manchester_16.3DL (58.39 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Newcastle_16.3DL (58.11 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Norwich_16.3DL (57.30 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Nottingham_16.3DL (56.03 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Oxford_16.3DL (58.22 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Peterborough_16.3DL (56.09 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Plymouth_16.3DL (56.53 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Portsmouth_16.3DL (56.83 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Preston_16.3DL (57.67 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Ripon_16.3DL (57.88 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Salford_16.3DL (58.76 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Salisbury_16.3DL (58.96 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Sheffield_16.3DL (59.43 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Southampton_16.3DL (59.44 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Sunderland_16.3DL (59.61 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Wakefield_16.3DL (60.15 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Winchester_16.3DL (60.28 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Wolverhampton_16.3DL (59.33 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/Worcester_16.3DL (59.25 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/16 Grid/York_16.3DL (59.45 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Cuckfield.3DL (472.9 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Lancaster.3DL (466.1 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Leeds.3DL (461.3 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Leicester.3DL (489.6 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Lichfield.3DL (457.9 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Lincoln.3DL (471.2 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Liverpool.3DL (472.4 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Manchester.3DL (466.3 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Newcastle.3DL (464.7 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Norwich.3DL (458.0 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Nottingham.3DL (447.8 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Oxford.3DL (465.1 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Peterborough.3DL (447.7 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Plymouth.3DL (451.2 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Portsmouth.3DL (453.8 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Preston.3DL (460.6 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Ripon.3DL (462.8 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Salford.3DL (470.0 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Salisbury.3DL (471.7 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Sheffield.3DL (475.4 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Southampton.3DL (475.6 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Sunderland.3DL (476.6 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Wakefield.3DL (481.2 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Winchester.3DL (482.2 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Wolverhampton.3DL (474.2 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/Worcester.3DL (474.0 kB)
deluts_set123/3dl/32 Grid/York.3DL (475.6 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Cuckfield_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Lancaster_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Leeds_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Leicester_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Lichfield_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Lincoln_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Liverpool_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Manchester_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Newcastle_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Norwich_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Nottingham_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Oxford_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Peterborough_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Plymouth_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Portsmouth_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Preston_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Ripon_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Salford_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Salisbury_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Sheffield_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Southampton_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Sunderland_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Wakefield_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Winchester_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Wolverhampton_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/Worcester_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/FCPX/York_16.cube (110.7 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Cuckfield_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Lancaster_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Leeds_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Leicester_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Lichfield_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Lincoln_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Liverpool_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Manchester_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Newcastle_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Norwich_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Nottingham_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Oxford_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Peterborough_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Plymouth_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Portsmouth_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Preston_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Ripon_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Salford_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Salisbury_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Sheffield_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Southampton_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Sunderland_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Wakefield_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Winchester_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Wolverhampton_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/Worcester_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/16 Grid/York_16.CUBE (110.8 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Cuckfield.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Lancaster.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Leeds.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Leicester.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Lichfield.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Lincoln.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Liverpool.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Manchester.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Newcastle.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Norwich.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Nottingham.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Oxford.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Peterborough.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Plymouth.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Portsmouth.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Preston.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Ripon.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Salford.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Salisbury.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Sheffield.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Southampton.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Sunderland.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Wakefield.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Winchester.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Wolverhampton.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/Worcester.CUBE (884.9 kB)
deluts_set123/cube/32 Grid/York.CUBE (884.9 kB)

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