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Name Wusik Station V8 v8.0.2
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Created on 2016-09-12 00:34:25
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Wusik Station V8 v8.0.2
One thing to notice is that Wusik Station V8 is actually a NEW product. I didn't just took V7 code and made it cross-platform. No, I started from zero, reusing Wusik 8000 code which is cross-platform and uses modern coding. This presented some problems, but also introduced a lot of new great features that V7 did not have, but also removed some features that V7 had and now I need to work on.
What has changed on V8?
- Cross platform: Windows and MAC (possibly Linux too, later this year).
This alone may not seem much, but it is, most of the work will be recoding
the project so it can use modern cross-platform code instead of the current code.
- Multi Line Graphical Envelopes. (*)
- New Filter Types, including a custom user filter script type. (*)
- “Unlimited” number of parallel filters per layer.
- “Unlimited” number of chained effects per layer insert and per master sends (2 in total).
- “Unlimited” number of Mod Envelopes and LFOs.
- Better Wavesequencing style (*)
- Audio Looper layer, which samples any incoming audio signal and let you play like an instrument. (*)
- Multi Layer with the option to select the type of layer:
Sample Player
Wave Sequencer
Drawable OSC
Super OSC
3 OSC (with Noise generator)
Audio Looper
Groove Sequencer (not included yet)
- Per Layer ARP and also a Master ARP.
- 16 Steps Polyphonic Sequencer per layer, to be used as a Modulation Source on the Mod Matrix.
- Per Layer Key Switching and Sticky Keys options.
- Per Layer Modulation Matrix.
- New Interface and Skin.
(*) borrowed from Wusik 4000 & 8000 code
Web Site: http://www.wusik.com/ww/products/wusik-station-v8

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