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Name FuzzMeasure 4.0.1
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Created on 2015-09-18 23:47:55
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Name: FuzzMeasure
Version: 4.0.1
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed
OS version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Block connections to: supermegaultragroovy.com
Courtesy of The Shark
(original icon restored)
Release Date: July 22, 2015
What's New in Version 4.0.1
Holding the option key when pressing the '+' button will measure immediately, similar to using the Measurement > Measure command in the main menu
You can option-click the 'C' button to clear a stored SPL calibration value in the level meter, and return to the dBFS display
Bug Fixes
Corrected an alignment issue in the level meter
Printed graphs no longer "creep downward" with subsequent pages
Waterfall graphs now properly retain their start/duration values when printed and exported as images
Fixed a visual glitch in the in-graph segmented control
The impulse response exporting UI now correctly uses the initial file type when exporting the file
When the extents are locked in the waterfall graph, setting a new start or duration value now unlocks extents to avoid overdrawing the Z axis
Addressed a pair of crashes that could occur when FuzzMeasure quits
Corrected a crash that affected the envelope time curve graph when importing impulse responses
Fixed an exception that triggered when entering bad values for the sweep amplitude
You can no longer specify values greater than 0dB for the sweep amplitude
Corrected a crash that occurred when markers ended up in "impossible" places
Added extra value validation to the graph extents to prevent locking the UI if a value  Measure from the main menu
Undo and redo now correctly operate for markers, and dropping markers now correctly marks the document as dirty so they are saved when the document is closed
When aborting a measurement, the play button is once again restored
Harmonic distortion graph settings for min/max harmonics are now retained when printing or exporting an image
Full Release Notes: http://supermegaultragroovy.com/products/fuzzmeasure/appcast/v4/2015/07/22/4.0.1/
More Info: http://supermegaultragroovy.com/products/fuzzmeasure/
Simple, powerful signal analysis redefined.
Completely redesigned for OS X Yosemite.
FuzzMeasure is an audio and acoustic measurement tool to produce, analyze, and publish beautiful graphs. It delivers a comprehensive suite of features for professionals in research, acoustics, live sound, room design, and pro audio. By combining sophisticated technology with an elegant user interface, FuzzMeasure offers an unparalleled experience.
Feature Highlights
Flexible Graphing System
FuzzMeasure contains an all-new graphing system that looks amazing on Retina displays and allows you to view and store any combination of graphs within a document—including Waterfall and Reverberation Time!
Select-to-Compare Graphs
FuzzMeasure's graphs draw whichever measurement records you select. Want to graph the left speaker? Select that measurement. The right? Select that one instead. Need a comparison of the two? Select both!
Quick Measurement Workflow
As always, FuzzMeasure makes it simple to capture your measurements with a single click. Whether you are attaching an array of 8 microphones or just one, FuzzMeasure is quick and easy to use.
Automatic Device Correction
With only a spare patch cable and a free input and output channel on your audio hardware, FuzzMeasure can quickly correct both time and frequency issues to help you get spot-on timing information when delay-finding.
Publishing Features
FuzzMeasure renders its graphs so they look excellent on a Retina display or in published materials. FuzzMeasure now offers more export configuration including exports for high-resolution web publishing.
Advanced Core Audio Support
FuzzMeasure's native support for Core Audio means that FuzzMeasure offers support for multichannel recording and playback as well as measurement sample rates up to 192kHz on any hardware that supports it.
Waterfall Graphs
FuzzMeasure's all-new Waterfall graph looks outstanding on Retina displays, and is built with high-resolution publication in mind. Now with adjustments for the windowing function as well as the FFT length used during calculation.
ISO 3382 Plots
With an all-new bar and line graph design, FuzzMeasure also adds Clarity and Definition calculations for acoustic measurements in addition to Reverberation Time (RT60) and Early Decay Time (EDT) graphs.
Extended AppleScript Dictionary
Trigger measurements, automate the export of impulse response data for external analysis, and much more. Now you can also export graph data, including the result of comparisons, and with fractional octave smoothing.
Premier Support
FuzzMeasure's all-new Commercial License offers industry users with the kind of support they need. We'll do our best to help you out with automation, hardware integration questions, and much more.

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